Friday, August 19, 2016

Don't let the Dems trick you: Austin City Council races are VERY much partisan

Contrary to the easily dis-proven meme that Austin City Council races are historically non-partisan, the Travis County Democrats attempted to FUNDRAISE off of City Councilman Don Zimmerman today as well as to commit themselves to defeating him in November. (See the image above which is a mobile phone screenshot of a fundraising email.)

And all this before the Aug. 22 ballot deadline, before they know who all is in the running for City Council District 6.

What the liberals are upset about today is barely worth a mention -- and Empower Texans has a nice vindication of Zimmerman's comments here if you're curious.
Hang on to this little gem the next time the liberal downtown establishment criticizes the Republican Party for getting involved in City Council races.

Note: The Travis GOP has yet to endorse any candidate for Council as of yet (the deadline is Monday, Aug. 22), but did endorse Zimmerman (District 6, Northwest Austin) and Ellen Troxclair (District 8, Southwest Austin) in 2014 under the new 10-1 district plan.

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